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  • 23 Jan 2020 1:47 PM | Sue Hunter Lawrence (Administrator)

  • 6 Jan 2020 1:36 PM | Sue Hunter Lawrence (Administrator)

    Council have advised that the Riverstone Town Centre Masterplan needs to be progressed to meet funding requirements.

    Planning and Transport for NSW have advised there is no funding for either Bandon Road or Garfield Road Central with neither project deliverable in the next 8 years.

    Community Consultation confirms the Riverstone Community requires the removal of heavy traffic from Garfield Rd.

    Transport for NSW has identified some safety improvements for the Riverstone Town Centre but this does not offer a traffic solution.

    The North West Road Strategy identifies the trigger for the delivery of Bandon Road was 25% a figure we are now well beyond.

    Both Blacktown Council and Transport for NSW have acknowledge it is impossible to remove heavy vehicles without Riverstone West .

    The update from Planning indicates that the planning approval for Riverstone West now sits with Blacktown Council.

    This is critical to addressing Riverstone’s traffic congestion, we understand this requires updated information and changes to the State Enviromental Planning Policy.  

    NSW Planning have advise 23 December that funding to to assist with the changes to the SEPP have been received.  

    The Revised Riverstone Town Centre Masterplan will be place on exhibition from 20 Jan for Community Consultation and feedback.

    The Chamber remain convince Riverstone requires a traffic solution before progressing the Masterplan.  Changes to land usage will only increase the traffic on and around Garfield Rd 

    The Chamber will continue to meet with  Planning , RMS and Blacktown Council with our next meeting scheduled for 31 January 2020

  • 11 Dec 2019 11:00 AM | Anonymous

    This Saturday, from 8am on December 14, Riverstone businesses are heading to the Elara estate for the inaugural Riverstone Marketplace. This new event gives Riverstone the opportunity to show it’s new neighbours what’s on offer every day of the week in a town just 5km away.

    The Marketplace will provide a range of goods, from an Indian supermarket, fresh meat and vegetables to services like financial and legal advice. 

    The idea of taking Riverstone on the road began with the need to help struggling retailers in the town centre. 

    The Riverstone, Schofields and Districts Chamber of Commerce and Industry is concerned that despite having thousands of people moving in all around Riverstone our local shops are struggling while at the same time, estates like Elara can’t even buy a loaf of bread. Riverstone is the closest shopping village for the residents of Elara but they avoid the town because of the traffic. President Sue Lawrence thought, ‘if they won’t come to us, why don’t we go to them?’

    The Chamber approached property developers Stockland about the idea and the response was enthusiastic. 

    Stockland immediately saw the benefit to Elara residents and has worked closely with the Chamber to develop the idea, culminating in this weekend’s Riverstone Marketplace @ Elara.

    There are over 7000 residents in the estate and in addition to the residents, New Home World is also attracting thousands more every weekend. Construction is yet to begin on the proposed shopping centre for Elara so having a portable shopping centre is expected to be embraced by the burgeoning new community.

    New residential developments in the area are outpacing necessary infrastructure and the residents of both Riverstone and Elara are suffering the consequences. Riverstone has been ignored by successive Governments failure address traffic issues has created a disincentive for new residents to the local shops while residents of estates like Elara are isolated from basic goods and services.

    Chamber members are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and stall space is still available. The Chamber will also have a stall to promote Riverstone businesses.

    Having the Riverstone Marketplace held every Saturday morning means our businesses get a fantastic opportunity to sell to a captive audience while at the same time providing a solution to a genuine need for the residents of Elara. Everybody wins.

    The Riverstone Marketplace will be held each Saturday outside the Elara Sales office on the corner of Elara Blvd and Watkin Cres.

    This is genuinely not an opportunity not to be missed.

  • 6 Sep 2019 5:10 AM | The Chamber (Administrator)

    We're conducting a trial on how we share information and believe our networking brekkies can achieve much more. So we're not going to hold our evening monthly meetings anymore and will invest more into updating our members during our breakfasts. See you at Bruno's on 27th September at 7am!  August 2019_ChamberMinutes.pdf

  • 19 Aug 2019 6:16 PM | Sue Hunter Lawrence (Administrator)

    On 8 November 1919 the proud members of the Riverstone and Districts Patriotic League unveiled a tribute to the fallen soldiers of Riverstone. On Saturday 9 November Riverstone will again stand proudly as we commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the dedication and acknowledge ‘100 years of our fighting spirit’.

    In partnership with Riverstone Schofields RSL Sub-Branch, and Blacktown City Council, the Riverstone & Districts Chamber of Commerce has launched a campaign to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Riverstone’s War Memorial.  

    One of the first war memorials in New South Wales to have reached this historic landmark, on Saturday 9th November 2019, one hundred years after it was originally unveiled, the Chamber will host a series of local events to commemorate Riverstone’s enduring military history or as we proudly refer ‘’Riverstone’s fighting Spirit’’. 

    We hope to engage the whole local community, schools, residents and local businesses along with our nearby military units. The campaign will commemorate not only the 32 names are etched onto the War Memorial, but our pride in the locals who have served in more recent military campaigns such as Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor.  

    “Riverstone’s War Memorial represents the heart of Riverstone, 100 years ago, when it was dedicated, it had 22 names on it. Nine more names were added after World War 2, including the brother of our Patron Bill McNamara, and then one after Korea. We’re fully expecting Riverstone to turn out in full on Saturday 9th November 2019 to commemorate the enormous sacrifice those families made. But we’re also reaching out to veterans of more recent military campaigns, to salute them.”    

    Local schools and businesses have volunteered to get involved in the days running up to the event and will work with Riverstone’s Historical Society to remind present-day Riverstone of what life was

    like during the war years. The day itself will begin with the re-dedication of the War Memorial followed by a cricket match and sausage sizzle. 

    The Chamber has launched a “Cenotaph 100” Facebook page on 31 July counting down one hundred days to the re-dedication. Through the Facebook page we hope to take people on a journey, to find and connect relatives and friends of those whose names are etched on the War Memorial, along with veterans from more recent campaigns and those members of the Australian Defence Force still serving.  If you have information about one of the Riverstone District local heroes we would love to include them in or commemoration. “We owe them a debt of gratitude, and this is one way of recognising that”.

  • 16 Aug 2019 1:34 PM | Sue Hunter Lawrence (Administrator)

    With the release of Infrastructure Australia’s 2019 Audit I note the following two quotes

    "Population growth offers enormous economic opportunity but the risk is our infrastructure fails to keep pace with demand. This obviously impacts productivity, quality of life and the liveability of our cities and regional centres." (Ms Madew Director Infrastructure Australia August 2019 )

    "At this critical time when economic growth is the slowest it has been in 10 years, wages are stagnant, and living standards are going backwards, Australians are demanding the Morrison Government produce a real plan for infrastructure." ( Minister Alan Tudge August 2019)

    I am not sure I have seen a more fitting statement to explain the situation in Riverstone for the last 10 years.

    As a result the Riverstone Schofields and Districts Chamber has today lodged and Application to have Riverstone and the Northwest Growth Centre included in their Infrastructure Australia Priority list for 2020.

    Stay Tuned for further updates.

  • 12 Aug 2019 1:09 PM | Sue Hunter Lawrence (Administrator)

    After countless letters and meetings yesterday we were granted a meeting with the Minister for Planning to discuss the Riverstone Town centre and a traffic solution for Riverstone.

    The process started with a meeting with Blacktown Council to discuss our response to the Town Centre Masterplan. Both Council and the Chamber agreed on solutions to improve the Town Centre but they would have little result without a traffic solution.

    Supported by the Mayor Stephen Bali we then took our issue to our State Member Kevin Conolly.

    During our meeting with Kevin and Stephen we all agreed Riverstone needs a solution and it could not wait any further.

    Taking the lead Kevin secured us a meeting with the Ministers for Planning and Ministers for Transport and off we went to Parliament House.

    We all agreed the answer for Riverstone is to fastrack Bandon Rd, Masterplan Riverstone and Marsden Park ensuring we would be equip to support a growing population and investigate the Bypass solution.

    The Ministers clearly understood our concerns and we are expecting a positive response in the next few weeks.

    Thank you to both Kevin Conolly and Stephen Bali for their support and putting our community first.
    #fixRivo #bettertogether #Riverstoneinreview #ChamberCouncilConolly

  • 10 Jul 2019 10:18 AM | Sue Hunter Lawrence (Administrator)

    The AGM for the Riverstone Schofields Chamber of Commerce was held last night 09/7/2019

    During the meeting all executive positions were declared vacant and the Chamber Executives for 2020 were elected.

    Congratulations to ;

    • Sue Hunter-Lawrence President
    • Warren Kirby  Vice President 
    • Mike Shervington  Secretary 
    • Ann Bodziony Treasurer

    Additionally we have introduced a new position Membership coordinator which will be performed by Kelly Adams.

    We would like to Thank Kurt Hippe who has step down from the Chamber Executive after 4 years . We appreciate your support and dedication. 

    We look forward to our Networking Breakfast 2 August 2019 at the Commonwealth Bank Riverstone .

    Come along to hear our plans for 2020, and meet the New Executive, Our Honorary Members and our Patron

    Remember we are better together if you want to be part of the future of

    Riverstone come along or better still bring a friend along

    Hope to see you there


  • 15 May 2019 9:35 PM | The Chamber (Administrator)

    A well-attended monthly meeting which only took 60 minutes! Plenty of animated discussions on helping businesses on Rev Up Rivo Saturdays, the Chamber's encouraging meetings with Blacktown City Council, and future events. Thanks to all those who came along, see you on Friday at our Networking Brekky @ Norwest CC

    Chamber Minutes May 2019.pdf

  • 4 Feb 2019 10:39 PM | The Chamber (Administrator)

    Many congratulations to Chamber member Craig Laffin for being awarded the Order of Australia Medal for years of dedicated service to the community. A full account of all that Craig has done and continues to do is in this week's Hawkebury Gazette: https://www.hawkesburygazette.com.au/story/5868495/richmonds-craig-laffin-dedicates-oam-to-his-community/ Photo: Geoff Jones

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