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Suburban Vaccination Figures Called Into Question

19 Aug 2021 12:56 PM | Sue Hunter Lawrence (Administrator)

Suburban Vaccination Figures Called Into Question

The Riverstone, Schofields and Districts Chamber of Commerce and Industry is calling into question vaccination rates released today by the NSW Govt.

According to NSW Government data ( the postcodes of 2765 and 2762 have vaccination rates in excess of 80%. 

According to the data across the 2765 postcode there are 18,322 residents eligible for the vaccine, despite the emergence of whole suburbs like Angus, Gables, Grantham Farm, Marsden Park (Elara), Melonba and Richards. 

In Schofields, 2762, the eligible population is listed as 7592, yet according to the website Profile ID the 2021 population in the same area is 15,857 ( despite multiple new estates throughout the postcode, including medium and high density unit towers near Schofields Station.

“There’s simply no way these numbers are correct and it’s putting the health of our community at risk.” Said Sue Lawrence, President of The Riverstone, Schofields Chamber of Commerce.

“We haven’t been able to determine exactly how the Govt calculated the number of residents in the area who are eligible for a vaccination but it beggars belief that in an area with around 100,000 residents only about 1/4 are included.

“When somebody hears on the news that 80% of their suburb have been vaccinated it’s likely some will be less vigilant about visiting family and friends or mask wearing. 

“Even worse, these are the figures the Government is using to determine where vaccines are needed most. If we’re showing rates at nearly 90% while other areas are showing much lower rates, those are the areas that’ll receive the most attention. 

“The North West Growth Area has seen explosive population growth in the last few years and we’ve struggled to get the infrastructure needed to support it.

“If the data they Government is working from is so far out of alignment from the actual numbers, there’s no wonder our pleas for more spending in the North West go ignored despite the valiant efforts of our elected politicians.

“It’s also highly likely decisions like where to put a new Hospital are being impacted based on inaccurate data.

“In this case, inaccurate population figures are putting lives at risk and they must be reviewed immediately.”

The Riverstone, Schofields and Districts Chamber of Commerce request an urgent review of the population numbers to ensure they correctly reflect what’s happening in our community.

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