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  • Dollars for Dignity, the North West Business Chamber’s major fundraising event is on again.

Dollars for Dignity, the North West Business Chamber’s major fundraising event is on again.

18 Nov 2022 1:48 PM | Anonymous

Money raised by Dollars for Dignity goes directly into Riverstone Neighbourhood Centre’s Emergency Relief Fund. 

The inaugural Dollars for Dignity $10 Weekend fundraising drive was an overwhelming success and raised an incredible $38,000, most of it from local businesses who know exactly how tough the last couple of years have been.

In the last year Riverstone Neighbourhood Centre has helped almost 1300 local residents in crisis. On top of the increasing population in the area and more people than ever struggling to make ends meet there have been 2 major flooding events and the ongoing effects of the ‘post-Covid’ world. The need for crisis care has increased 300% more since Covid lockdowns began.

Yet RNC receives no funding to provide this vital service, it relies completely on the generosity of the community to provide those in need with food, clothing, furniture or the dignity of choice.

That’s why Dollars for Dignity has become vital. As the need increases, so does the diversity of what that person needs to overcome they crisis. Someone without power might need fuel for a generator, a pensioner could have run out of medications or maybe a business owner whose cashflow has struggled to get back to pre-Covid levels.

The 2 week event officially launched at the Riverstone night markets and will conclude at the Christmas Concert on Nov 26. NWBC President, Sue Lawrence says it’s fitting to frame our major fundraising drive around 2 other significant events happening in Riverstone that were proposed and advocated for both by the Chamber as a way of bringing community and businesses together. 

“The Neighbourhood Centre services the social needs of people and families across Northern Blacktown, NWBC represents the businesses who service this community. Initiatives like Dollars for Dignity gives local businesses and the community as a whole the chance to show why Riverstone is such a special place.”

Donations as little as $10 can be made via the Raisely fundraising website. 

To help is easy, we understand that everyone is stretched so we are not looking for big donations.

You can help two ways, firstly by making the $10 or more donation and secondly by distributing our link below and sharing it to your network staff and friends.(all values appreciated)

If we all get behind our community, we can make a huge difference.  We need is as many people as you can to make a $10 donation

If you've enough to spare please contribute what you can. If you don't and need assistance, please reach out to the Neighbourhood Centre to find out how they can help you on 9627 3622.

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