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The need to get trucks off Garfield Road & get families back

  • 25 Sep 2018 10:42 AM
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    The Chamber hosted Kevin Conolly MP for a special meeting to discuss the recent Precinct Plans.

    During the 1.5 hours meeting Mr. Connolly responded to a number of questions raised by members ranging from specific concerns to ideas on cohesive infrastructure implementation. The Member for Riverstone conceded he personally had little power to change the plans however assured the crowd that all submissions are considered by the Department of Planning and offered advice on the best way to achieve the best outcomes.

    The Chamber encourages all Members to take this opportunity to voice their opinions, ideas and suggestions on the matter. Tell us what it is that you want!

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  • 27 Sep 2018 8:14 AM
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    Heavy vehicles on Garfield Rd are clearly a problem. They are generally seen as a safety concern and they put pressure on the level crossing. B-double traffic is a significant part of the problem with many of these causing flow-on effects by using sub-arterials (particularly Crown St, Hamilton St, Piccadilly St and George St) to access Garfield Rd. 

    In addition to the problem of large, heavy vehicles commuting through residential streets, these roads have started crumbling.

    The trucks required to build the new estates to the South and East of Riverstone can now use Schofields Rd/South St, 4.2km to the South of Garfield Rd. This route between Windsor Rd and Richmond Rd is both safer and quicker than Garfield Rd.

    By default, Garfield Rd is a b-double approved road and it’s unlikely that this can be changed however it might be possible to petition the RMS to implement a temporary heavy vehicle bypass. 

    If that is unsuccessful, a campaign to educate developers and drivers of the advantages of avoiding Garfield Rd. could be undertaken.

    For traffic entering Riverstone Business Park, access to Windsor Rd can be achieved via Bandon Rd. and the Chamber could petition RBP to open the site access road on Garfield Rd West. 

    If these measures are successful and heavy vehicle traffic is reduced, consideration should also be given to the ramifications of retail businesses on Garfield Rd East that currently benefit from the increased traffic caused by construction traffic. 

  • 23 Apr 2020 6:32 PM
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  • 24 Nov 2020 6:04 AM
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